A S  A B O V E  is a Video Game Vignette created in Unity (HDRP) as a conceptual exercise in order to explore a multitude of skills required in Video Game development. During this independent study, under the guidance of Jose Sanchez, architect, and game developer, I began studying modes of representation in immersive, computational environments. This also included more technical aspects of studying different systems and tools inside of Unity and commonly found in other game engines as well, this included tools like C#, Shader Graphs, Kit-bashing, Volumetric Environment development, Quixel (Texturing & Materials) Lighting, Cinematography, Character Animation, and more. Apart from the task of learning and proficiently using Unity, the vignette, itself, is a commentary on the detriments of hyper-capitalism, and the loss of identity. Please enjoy the video provided below to view As Above
Level: M.Arch, 602, Independent Study
Project Prompt: Video Game Design and Development + Architectural Representation using the Unity Game Engine
Classification: Game / XR Design, Architecture, Computational Design
Methods: Unity, C#, Rhino, Grasshopper, Blender, Quixel, Sketching
This project was created under the guidance of Professor Jose Sanchez (Plethora Project) at the University of Michigan. 
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