A T M O S P H E R E S: The M Lidia House is a recreation of the M-Lidia House, by RCR Arquitectes in Montegut Spain. The aim of the project was to use the Unity game engine in order to explore an alternative methodology of architectural representation and interaction through investigating how the richness & tone of the architecture changes depending on the volumetric lighting and atmospheric conditions (both interior & exterior) imposed on it, relative to how, when, and where you are situated on site. Thus, both passive and active interaction with the architecture can influence how these conditions affect the user experience of the architecture, through in-game control of weather systems via interactable components. My project partner and I were interested in utilizing high fidelity graphics in conjunction with with volumetric lighting and environmental effects in order to explore how the experience of the architecture would change under different atmospheric settings. All assets were created in Rhino, Blender and the Adobe Suite and brought to life in Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline. Please enjoy the video provided below to view ATMOSPHERES: The M-Lidia House
Level: 602, Elective
Project Prompt: Architectural Representation using the Unity Game Engine
Classification: Game / XR Design, Architecture, Computational Design
Methods: Unity, C#, Rhino, Grasshopper, Blender, Quixel, Sketching
This project was created in collaboration with Nicolas Garcia under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Rule at the University of Michigan. 
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